Humans extracting
actionable insights
from massive data!
Our Services
“Closing the Loop”
with incident management
and mitigation advice!
Our Services

Beyond tools and software, we bring the capabilities needed to make MDR effective.

In the game of the hunter and the hunted, the fact is that both are changing all the time. Static solutions that fail to incorporate this dynamism are merely relics of the past.

We’ve taken an approach that is designed, from the foundation up, to always be current: a judicious mix of an agile technology platform and a team of in-house cybersecurity personnel – including expert analysts.

These humans not only engage in forensics, hunting and adding meaning to signals, they constantly work with the platform architects to modify and add capabilities – daily!


We achieve true completeness of monitoring - not only do issues get detected and analysed, reports are complete with all supporting data for every reported…

Human Insights

We have a solid team, concentrated at one physical location, who actively work on monitoring, incidents, reports - all on the threatNiXD platform. Their existing…

Actionable Dashboards

Every dashboard and report is designed to be actionable - designed to be consumed by the organization's infrastructure and not just for the eye.

Training & Enablement

We engage in training and enablement of your in-house IT team to ensure effective action on incidents and the other actionable intelligence we deliver.


Compared with an in-house SOC (accounting for license, implementation, servers and people), our MDR costs less than 25%, and with the exception of a small…

We deliver the best MDR experience money can buy!

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