Critical Skills

It's no secret that attracting, recruiting, retaining and keeping professionals updated in the Cybersecurity domain is exceeding difficult. We fill these gaps with ease.

Cross Learning

Being constantly exposed to threats across multiple clients in the same and different business domain keeps our analysts on the cutting edge of know-how. 

You know how difficult it is to keep knowledge current without the enabling environment.

Super Specialization

Each of our analysts super-specializes in a small sub-set of cybersecurity areas, for example threat hunting or signal correlation. 

These skills are shared across multiple clients that keep them fully engaged. Not easy with in-house analysts.


How can you be sure that the team you hired is the greatest and the best? How certain are you that there are no gaps that exist (and they will appear)?

With us you get cutting-edge technology and super-current people – always!

Personnel Costs

Attracting and retaining cybersecurity talent is a huge challenge. Affording them is another. The most cost-effective way is for their skills to be used across multiple clients in a time-share model. 

The “Analyst-as-a-Service” model!

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