Training & Enablement

We engage in training and enablement of your in-house IT team to ensure effective action on incidents and the other actionable intelligence we deliver.
All training and enablement is custom designed and delivered:
Data Collection

While commercial off the shelf products might not support extensive controls on the scope and volume of logs they generate, your internal and custom developed apps could probably be tuned to generate the right quality and quantity of logs. We work with your teams to advise them on these areas.


Responding to incidents is often a complex undertaking. We work with you to enable your teams to build the skills for rapid, effective and affordable solutions. This is part of our “on-the-job” training and enablement.

We also deliver extensive training on how we work together as one team.

End User Training

As much as we try to eliminate false positives, some slip through and take away valuable time of your IT staff to ignore. User training on how their activities can trigger false alarms and what they should be doing right, is something we believe is universally ignored.

Exec. Learning

In the final analysis it is the top management that takes the credit or blame for the good, bad and ugly developments to the org.

We deliver short, focussed sessions for CxO’s and other senior operational managers on the kind of support and response that they need to provide for effective MDR.

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